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Package, supporting "today" and leading to "tomorrow"
Yoshinobu Kanaoka

At first I heartily thank all of you who took interest in our company and visited this homepage.
Our company deals with planning, manufacturing and selling Flexible Packages (such as bags consisting of plastic films for foods). Because sales of the packing industry are directed only for manufacturers, the existence of the industry may be seldom acknowledged in general but is the very big industry of the 1 trillion yen scale. I think all of you may find any sort of food (bread, rice ball, frozen food, cake etc.) wrapped with the product of our company at your home.
As the package is very close to food and various careful inventions are done consistently, product volume of the package is still increasing. It may be said that existence of distribution and package supports Japanese dining table in a shade that is full of variety and required freshness.
The flexible packing industry is comprised of major general printers such as Dai Nippon Printing/Toppan Printing and independent specialized suppliers like us. And our company is located in the top-class of the specialized supplier and has grown up in sales a little over 20 billion yen and 800 employees now. Since foundation, our sales division has served our customers with “good faith, eagerness and proposal”, and our factories have operated with "careful manufacturing" mind. With these policies we run company to date.
What we make efforts in particular now is manufacturing with safer flexible packaging materials under the cleaner environment. Under the situation that food safety and relief are demanded still more, we operate 4 factories (Saitama second, Saitama third, Kansai, Kyushu) with the best hygiene level in Japan and acquire FSSC which is an international food safety code and do the manufacturing along the standard of FSSC. In addition, we maintain the hygiene environment that follows the Japanese standard in overseas joint management 2 factory (China Qingdao, Thailand Bangkok) and partner 2 factory (China Huizhou, Indonesia Jakarta). It is because we think strongly “the package is part of the food".
In addition if I talk about character of our company, I think that there is sense of speed and flexibility for management because it is a pro-independence company, and the sense penetrates to every corporate member. This is the first strength of the company and we want to regard this strength as important from now on. In future we will manufacture with the higher level of efficiency and hygiene in Japan. At the same time we will make efforts in the package supply in foreign countries corresponding to the borderlessness of customers. I would like have favor of you.
Our founder always pointed out three ways of thinking for management. I think that they do not still change. I write down these three ways of thinking for management and beg all of you let me end this top message.
1. Business should be continued, so that we should always grow up.
2. We have to introduce the latest facilities and always desire the highest peak of the processing technique.
3. Work of packaging materials is a thankless task, but we have to make an effort for customers steadily in an honest way.
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